Velona Babassu Oil USDA Certified Organic 4 oz Food, Cosmetic Grade Cold Pressed

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Product Details

Ingredients :

Babassu Oil

Main Ingredient :


Volume :

4 fl oz

Body Area :

a:9:{i:0;s:4:"Arms";i:1;s:9:"Decollete";i:2;s:4:"Face";i:3;s:4:"Feet";i:4;s:9:"Full Body";i:5;s:5:"Hands";i:6;s:4:"Head";i:7;s:4:"Legs";i:8;s:4:"Lips";}

Color :


Type :

Carrier Oil

Features :

a:4:{i:0;s:12:"Alcohol-Free";i:1;s:23:"All Natural Ingredients";i:2;s:13:"Colorant-Free";i:3;s:7:"Organic";}

Product Line :


Formulation :


Main Purpose :


Country/Region of Manufacture :


Size :

4 fl oz

Brand :


What the Seller Says

Velona Babassu Oil USDA Certified Organic 100% PURE & NATURAL BABASSU OIL FAST AND FREE SHIPPING!!! SPECIAL OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS FOR LOYAL CUSTOMERS BABASSU OIL NATURAL, REFINED, PURE SHIPS IN A FOOD GRADE PLASTIC BOTTLES BPA-FREE24 oz size comes in two bottles 16 oz + 8 oz48 oz size comes in two bottles 32 oz + 16 oz Ingredient: 100% Babassu Oil Product Overview: Velona Babassu Oil USDA Certified Organic is obtained from the seeds of the Babassu palm tree. The main cultivation area is the State of Maranhao in Northeastern Brazil. The seeds contain approx. 50% oil, which is mechanically pressed. The material is solid at room temperature. Residue substances are removed by a gentle refining process and physical bleaching. The end product is a very light, odorless fat, which boasts a remarkable stability. Country of Origin: This product is imported from Brazil. GMO Statement: Non GMO!!! This term shall be used to describe products that contain NO ingredients, additives or processing aides derived from commodities that have commercially grown GMO varieties in the supply chain (i.e. contains no soybean, corn, cotton, canola, squash, papaya, potato or tomato). Applications: Cosmetic industry for moisturizing creams, hair and body shampoos, lipsticks & etc. Food industry uses the oil in the production of special bakery products and sweets. Storage & Shelf Life: Store at 65 - 75°F in a dry and odor-free environment. Best if used within 9 months. Specifications: Flavor - Bland Color (Lovibond) - 1.0 R (max.) Free Fatty Acid (%) - 1.0 (max) Iodine Value (WIJS) - 14 to 20 Peroxide Value (meq/kg) - 1.5 (max) 1 Saponification Value - 245 to 256 Density (at 20°C) - 0.914 to 0.917 Nutritional Data: Monounsaturates - 10 to 18% Polyunsaturates - 2 to 4% Saturates - 67 to 107% Trans Fatty Acids - < 1.0% Calories (per 100 g) - 884

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