True CE Ferulic Serum BIOPURE+MED, Compare to Skinceuticals C E Ferulic,1 fl oz

The Only CE Ferulic Serum WITHOUT Triethanolamine!!

Price: $28.99

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All Skin Types

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Set Includes :

a:16:{i:0;s:11:"Antioxidant";i:1;s:10:"Brightener";i:2;s:21:"Day & Night Treatment";i:3;s:13:"Day Treatment";i:4;s:15:"Hyaluronic Acid";i:5;s:11:"Line Eraser";i:6;s:11:"Moisturizer";i:7;s:15:"Pore Minimizing";i:8;s:12:"Regenerating";i:9;s:12:"Rejuvenation";i:10;s:7:"Renewal";i:11;s:11:"Skin Repair";i:12;s:8:"Smoother";i:13;s:14:"Spot Corrector";i:14;s:15:"Wrinkle Reducer";i:15;s:16:"Wrinkle Smoother";}

Size Type :

Regular Size

Volume :

1 fl oz

Ingredients :

a:4:{i:0;s:9:"stem cell";i:1;s:9:"Vitamin C";i:2;s:9:"Aloe Vera";i:3;s:15:"Hyaluronic Acid";}

Body Area :



Ce Ferulic Vitamin Serum

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Active Ingredients :

a:3:{i:0;s:19:"botanical stem cell";i:1;s:9:"vitamin c";i:2;s:10:"ce ferulic";}

Type :


Features :

a:25:{i:0;s:3:"EGF";i:1;s:15:"Pore Minimizing";i:2;s:12:"Silicon-Free";i:3;s:12:"Alcohol-Free";i:4;s:23:"All Natural Ingredients";i:5;s:12:"Ammonia-Free";i:6;s:19:"Animal Cruelty-Free";i:7;s:13:"Colorant-Free";i:8;s:21:"Contains Antioxidants";i:9;s:17:"Contains Ceramide";i:10;s:12:"Contains EGF";i:11;s:24:"Contains Hyaluronic Acid";i:12;s:25:"Contains Plant Stem Cells";i:13;s:16:"Contains Retinol";i:14;s:17:"Contains Vitamins";i:15;s:14:"Hypoallergenic";i:16;s:15:"Instant Effects";i:17;s:16:"Mineral Oil Free";i:18;s:15:"Non-Comedogenic";i:19;s:8:"Oil-Free";i:20;s:7:"Organic";i:21;s:12:"Paraben-Free";i:22;s:12:"Perfume-Free";i:23;s:12:"Sulfate-Free";i:24;s:5:"Vegan";}

Formulation :


Product Line :

BiopureMED Vitamin CE Serum

Period After Opening (PAO) :


Department :


Main Purpose :

a:14:{i:0;s:20:"Age Spots/ Pore Size";i:1;s:11:"Age-Defying";i:2;s:9:"Age Spots";i:3;s:9:"Blemishes";i:4;s:10:"Dark Spots";i:5;s:7:"Firming";i:6;s:7:"Lifting";i:7;s:10:"Lightening";i:8;s:7:"Redness";i:9;s:11:"Restorative";i:10;s:12:"Revitalizing";i:11;s:12:"Skin Firming";i:12;s:15:"Skin Tightening";i:13;s:10:"Tightening";}

Country/Region of Manufacture :

United States

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What the Seller Says

Did you know that Paraben is just one of the many chemical preservatives? Most of the skincare companies do not use Parabens these days, but they replace them with something worse or as bad preservatives. They are called Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Methyl Isothiazolinone.The skincare companies won't tell you how toxic they are to your skin, because they have to use these preservatives to save the cost of making products. These preservatives are derived from Petroleum (Gasoline), and they still advertise their product is 100% natural.**WE DO NOT use any of the preservatives mentioned above. We only use high-end naturally-derived preservatives and DO NOT need to use Triethanolamine (Amonia derivative that can be harmful) since our vitamin CE serum is made with already stabilized superb C-ESTER, not the low-cost L-Ascorbic Acid. **NOTE: If you see any C serums without preservatives listed as ingredients, STAY AWAY from that brand, for they are concealing the truth, since no serums can be made without preservatives and can stay fresh for more than 1 month. (Only the serum made with nothing but ALL OIL can be without preservatives.)The Organic Juice Serum NOT Water Serum* Formulated in Korea, and product now made in the USA by the Stem Cell skincare specializing company, you can trust it's world highest product manufacturing regulation.* Triple protection from oxidation, makes Biopure+MED serum the most stabilized CE ferulic serum by:1) Use Natural Aloe juice instead of water as the base. ( Natural Vitamin E doubles the potency of Vitamin C.)2) Made with C-Ester, the most stable Vitamin C which can penetrate into the dermis without being oxidized.3) Made with Ferulic Acid, WITHOUT Triethanolamine (Ammonia derivative).The Key Ingredients in Biopure+MED serumC-ESTERThe much pricier form of Vitamin C than the common L-Ascorbic Acid. It comes stabilized, it does not need Triethanolamine to adjust its pH balance. It stays unoxidized up to 18 months.CITRUSTEMStem Cell culture derived from Spain Orange. The powerful Vitamin C can be penetrated directly into dermis extremely fast. Ultimate ingredient for skin brightening.HYALURONIC ACIDHolds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. We use Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid which is ultra small in size (less than 50nm) than the regular Hyaluronic Acid (3,000nm), so it can be absorbed into skin.ALOE VERA JuiceIt is the base of our serum, not water. Aloe Vera is the pure natural resource of none oily Vitamin E.Vitamin E is known to double its potency when it is mixed with Vitamin C.The "Truth" about the real Vitamin C serumIf you see any C serum that are colored in yellow to amber, that means it is oxidized (not active anymore) or the artificial color is added. L-Ascorbic Acid or C-Esters are naturally clear without any color.Vitamin C do not have any odor. If you smell orange, the fragrance is added. If it has some metallic smell, it is from the Ammonia derived ingredients or Alcohol.If it gives you tingling sensation or tight feeling, it is from the Triethanolamine (Ammonia and Alcohol derivative), which 99% of the serums with L-Ascorbic Acid use it to lower its pH level to stabilize the serum.Biopure+MED CE serumLeading Brand's CE serumColorNOYESAlcoholNOYESFragranceNOYESTriethanolamineNOYESPhenoxyethanolNOYESPropylene GlycolNOYESMSRP at 49 dollars, this serum is worth every penny you spend on it.! 25% PERFECTLY PORTIONED CONCENTRATED VITAMIN CE+ Ferulic Acid SERUM with CITRUSTEM (This serum has NO relations to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, and STEMBOTANY is NOT part of Skinceuticals company)- This serum is comprised of perfectly balanced the highest quality Vitamin C with the CITRUSTEM (Stem Cell derived from Orange), and made with the most effective formula in the FDA regulated laboratory in the U.S.A.

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